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PS3 Update Causes 8002F1F9 ERROR

UPDATE! I received information from a website visitor that there is a possible workaround. It sounds a little risky but if your system isn’t working anyway then it’s worth a shot. During the update process, wait for the percent complete value to stop and at that time, while the system is running, remove the SSD drive and then reinsert it. I am told this allows the update process to continue and then you can go on using wired controllers with the latest firmware. I can’t test this because I ended up just buying a used PS3, but please try it at your own risk and I hope it works for you!

This was originally posted here at this link but is certainly worth saying again.

If your PS3 does not connect to your controllers via wireless and you believe it is a problem with your controller, you may be very wrong. The Bluetooth/wireless module in the PS3 may have failed. The system is still 100% usable except if you update the system software when it asks you to the error 8002F1F9 will occur… forever

I just spent hours thinking the firmware I downloaded was corrupt, or the hard drive went bad, or the controller I was using was the problem. No, Nope, and Not that either. Now I have a PS3 that used to work just fine with the wired network and wired controllers sitting here like a brick in a never ending error loop.

Do NOT update the system software of your PS3 if the wireless controllers are not able to connect wirelessly.

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Disney Infinity 3.0

I have decided to start a new hobby. It is called Disney Infinity. I have a few goals:
1. Have fun and relax
2. Introduce my kids to Star Wars
3. Make my own game level

So far so good. I got the kids interested by letting Olaf drive a speeder around the Toy Box. I am also playing the Twilight of the Republic Play Set, which they seem to enjoy. I like that I can switch characters when the one I am playing gets knocked out by the droid army. I feel like I have only scratched the surface.

My only complaints so far are the loading times could be better and that Anakin tends to be slow taking the light saber out when I need it. Other than that, the controls are decent and I can’t wait to play more 🙂

I am not sure when or if I will achieve goal number 3, but I’ll let you all know once I get through the play set and learn more about the rest of the game.