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First time every time

I thought rsync was going to work for me, but for a time I thought maybe I was wrong.  I just needed to figured out how to make it copy new files to the server.  The trick, it turns out, is to make sure you remove the trailing slash from the source path if you want the entire directory to be transferred and not just the files and directories within.  All is well now 🙂

While checking my server, I also noticed that the MacOS X shows a blue screen of death BSOD as the preview window for PCs.  Nice.

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From Newbie to Power User in < 1 Month - Sync Files

I have not been a Mac OS X user for very long now, but I already have hit a limit with what I can do in the GUI.  It is time to open the Terminal in the Applications/Utilities.  My goal tonight is to use rsync to keep my local files and network files synchronized.  So far so good, the command is available and I found a cool tip online to drag-n-drop the folders I want to use into the terminal where their full-paths will be entered.

The command options I settled on are just -a for archive and -v for verbose.  In just a few minutes all of the files in my Documents folder were transferred to my network server.  I’ll run the command every night manually for a while to see if it keeps things working well.  If it does, I’ll find a way to schedule it.

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Downloads that Sparkle

I just downloaded an “App” from the Apple Store for the first time to my MacBook Pro.  I wanted to check on the transfer progress, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.  Lucky for me, when I opened the Launchpad I could clearly see that my app was sparkling. (Enter sarcastic remark here).  Yep, instead of a progress bar you get sparkles around the icon.  I guess that means it is either downloading, installing, or ready, but who knows?