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Buy THIS Not THAT – Exposed Pipe Shower Edition

Sometimes I see something on the Internet that just shocks me. “What a surprise?” Anyway, I am all about quality products, but I do not see why there is such a HUGE difference here. Even if the valve or shower head for the product in the second image is superior, it just cannot possibly justify the price. This is all exposed hardware! I could easily buy a second or third set of the first product and just replace it when needed. This is crazy!

Great Price

Crazy Price

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Wallz Design Ready!

Here it is!  I finally have a design that I think my whole family will enjoy.  I created this using a real image of a tree, then I removed the background, reduced the palette, moved some branches, added some flying leaves, and positioned the final image over a dimensional drawing of the room.

Wallz Design

I can’t wait to recruit some people to help me get these blocks up fast.  I will be sure to create a time-lapse video of the install.  The Kickstarter ends soon, which means I had to figure out the number of 100-count block bags I would need.  I am so glad we are allowed to order mixed boxes of 4 bags each.  Here is the break-down of blocks I will need for this design.

light green 2477 blocks ~ 25 bags
dark green 530 blocks ~ 6 bags
brown 350 blocks ~ 4 bags
beige 129 blocks ~ 2 bags
black 127 blocks ~ 2 bags

That accounts for 39 of the 40 bags I backed the project for.  I will request an additional bag of black blocks, since they will work for other projects I am planning for the future.  If I am lucky, this is going to become a regular thing for me.  Designing huge works of art like this is really a lot of fun.

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Installing Cabinets

If you own your home and want to add some storage, built-in cabinets are a pretty good way to go.  Its not complicated.  The hardest part is telling yourself, “Look, whatever is done can be undone.”  So take your favorite oscillating power tool, cut your baseboards precisely to fit the new cabinets, and install them flush against the wall.  Trust me, it will look great and if you ever want to change it you can always install some new baseboard…now where did I put my brad nailer?