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Disney Infinity 3.0

I have decided to start a new hobby. It is called Disney Infinity. I have a few goals:
1. Have fun and relax
2. Introduce my kids to Star Wars
3. Make my own game level

So far so good. I got the kids interested by letting Olaf drive a speeder around the Toy Box. I am also playing the Twilight of the Republic Play Set, which they seem to enjoy. I like that I can switch characters when the one I am playing gets knocked out by the droid army. I feel like I have only scratched the surface.

My only complaints so far are the loading times could be better and that Anakin tends to be slow taking the light saber out when I need it. Other than that, the controls are decent and I can’t wait to play more 🙂

I am not sure when or if I will achieve goal number 3, but I’ll let you all know once I get through the play set and learn more about the rest of the game.