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Pool project completed 

This is a follow-up to our pool construction story

I can finally say that the pool project is done!  The pictures look great and it is almost exactly what we wanted.

Here are some pros and cons off the top of my head:


  • Great for swimming laps
  • Not too big to heat to a nice temperature
  • Salt chlorinator, automation system, in-floor cleaning, and screen enclosure make it easier to maintain
  • Spa gets hot quickly and is conveniently located near the house
  • Deck jets are pretty and fun for the kids and provide nice warm spots when the pool is still heating
  • The tile is beautiful!
  • Safety fence keeps the kids away from the pool so we can still just play outside without worry


  • Deck pavers allow a lot of dirt to build up and allow bugs to burrow between
  • Pool edge (coping) is slippery when wet
  • Pool lights are too bright and cannot be dimmed
  • Autofill is nothing more than a toilet fill valve.  Autodrain is nothing more than a hole in the strainer.  These work poorly at best.
  • Quartz surface is sloppy with many imperfections and blemishes that distract from the simplicity of the pool’s design and irreversible discoloration of the coping and tile grout
  • Safety fence is installed on or near paver edges causing weakness and potential for cracks
  • Foam accents are not the stucco pillars that were promised
  • Cleaning system automated valve and 2 cleaning heads already need slight adjustment
  • It would have been nicer to have just 2 steps into the pool but it would have been against code
  • Took 8 months longer than promised and required a lot of hand holding to avoid incredibly sloppy work and, in some cases, being completely ignored

Would I do it again?  Maybe.  But I would need to put a lot of thought into how I could avoid all of the stress it has caused me.  Considering the amount of pre-planning I put in, I was extremely disappointed with how often the work was done poorly, incorrectly, or late.  Only the tile installers were able to continually impress me.  I wish everyone would take as much pride in their work as they did.

Here are a few more pictures of the end result 🙂

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