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How to remote desktop to Windows 10 Pro with a Microsoft Account

I won’t get into how annoying Windows can be about accounts and permissions. That’s more of a book than a quick blog post. But if you used your Microsoft account to login to your Windows 10 Pro computer and you want to use remote desktop from another computer to login…this is for you:

  1. on your host PC (the one you want to control remotely) – login using your Microsoft account and your password. do not use any other login method. from the login screen select the option to use your password. you must use your password.
  2. on your host PC enable remote desktop by opening the start menu and searching for remote desktop settings
  3. on your client PC, open your start menu and search for remote desktop connection
  4. enter the computer name or IP address and press connect
  5. when prompted for your login, use MicrosoftAccount\<your email address>
  6. enter your Microsoft password and it should work.

Good luck!