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PS4 cannot play 3D movies (No Wait, Now it CAN!)

Update!  It would seem as of firmware v1.75 the PS4 can play 3d movies.  I have yet to have time to try it, so hopefully it works and is amazing!

I needed a blu-ray disc player for my PT-AE8000U projector.  I was using a PS3 that I had moved from downstairs and thought that I would buy the new Playstation 4 for the theater room.  News Flash. As of System Software Update 1.62 the PS4 is still unable to play 3D blu-ray.  That is correct, the old PS3 can but the new PS4 cannot.  Who would have guessed?

While I am at it, I must say I am disappointed with the movie playback of the PS4.  The controller L2 and R2 buttons are so easily pressed by accident that I dare not touch the controller while watching a movie.  It is also annoying that a notification pops up over the movie when the controller automatically disconnects (no this particular notification cannot be disabled).  When you want to reconnect the controller to pause the movie, it takes out the entire screen to make you select the user for the controller.

Don’t buy a PS4 to watch blu-rays, not right now.  As of March 19 2014 the XBox One doesn’t play 3D blu-ray either.

I recommend a PS3 🙂