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Wallz Design Ready!

Here it is!  I finally have a design that I think my whole family will enjoy.  I created this using a real image of a tree, then I removed the background, reduced the palette, moved some branches, added some flying leaves, and positioned the final image over a dimensional drawing of the room.

Wallz Design

I can’t wait to recruit some people to help me get these blocks up fast.  I will be sure to create a time-lapse video of the install.  The Kickstarter ends soon, which means I had to figure out the number of 100-count block bags I would need.  I am so glad we are allowed to order mixed boxes of 4 bags each.  Here is the break-down of blocks I will need for this design.

light green 2477 blocks ~ 25 bags
dark green 530 blocks ~ 6 bags
brown 350 blocks ~ 4 bags
beige 129 blocks ~ 2 bags
black 127 blocks ~ 2 bags

That accounts for 39 of the 40 bags I backed the project for.  I will request an additional bag of black blocks, since they will work for other projects I am planning for the future.  If I am lucky, this is going to become a regular thing for me.  Designing huge works of art like this is really a lot of fun.